The best thing about working with a buyer’s agent isthat our help comes at NO COST to the buyer. The listing agent pays the commission to the buyer’s agent. That means it does not cost the buyer any money to be fully represented during negotiations on pricing and terms, or for having a seasoned expert offering advice before, during, and after closing. Most importantly, I have firsthand experience on the best ways to purchase a property while keeping both your down payment and monthly costs low. A home is one of the biggest and often times best investments that someone can make, and it pays to get it right.

Where to start

The best way to start your home search is to determine what you can afford, where you want to live, and to make a list of needs and wants for your new home. I focus on New York City and Westchester, and have a strong referral network for outside of those areas. I highly recommend reading as much as you can, but nothing can replace visiting the towns and neighborhoods yourself.

After you have taken those first couple steps, the next move is to set up an in-person meeting or phone call so we can go over what you’re looking for, and how I can best help you get it